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Different Materials Your Laser Cutter May Stock

Although every laser cutting business is different, most of them stock the most commonly used materials in the industry. It is always best to confirm with your supply if they have the materials your require before placing an order.

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Stainless Steel Laser CutAlthough most laser companies only hold a limited amount of stock, they try to maintain strong relationships with their suppliers to keep the best deals on materials available to them and can often get hold of any materials required on a next day basis.

If the material you are after is not in the below list then it would be advised to contact your laser cutting supplier to give them forewarning so they have time to source the material and they can then advise you how long it will take to reach their stores.

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Laser Cutters Tip:

You can "free issue" materials to your laser cutting supplier so you know the quality of material before cutting.

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Laser Cut Mild SteelMild steel is generally stocked in either CR (Cold rolled up to 3mm thick) or HR (Hot rolled). The most common grade stocked is 43a / S275 grade, sometimes S355 (a harder mild steel) is also stocked. S275 is used if unspecified.

Stainless steel is generally stocked in both 304 and 316 grades. If the grade is unspecified then 304 would generally be used.

Aluminium is often stocked in either 1050, 5083 or 6082 grades, if folding is required then 1050/5083 is recommended, if folding is not required and the grade is unspecified then 6082 would generally be used.

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In Summary:

Your laser cutting supplier may only stock a certain range of materials with limited stock, however they should be able to get hold of any materials you request within a short period of time. You can also free issue materials to your supplier so you know exactly what the material is like before it gets cut, however please contact your supplier first before doing this so they can advise you how much material is required to complete the order and any requirements they may have (eg corrosion free material).

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